12 by Liliana

Jewellery Care Guidelines


I want your jewellery purchases and gifts to last and be enjoyed for a very long time, by following these tips for taking care of your jewellery you will  preserve your pieces for longer.

Always protect your items from knocks, scratches, chemicals and extreme temperatures to minimise damage and wear.

Remember to remove all pieces of jewellery before showering, bathing and especially when swimming as chlorine and salt water can be harmful especially to plated jewellery.

Wait until completing beauty regimes to put your jewellery on to protect them from damage caused by things such as hairspray, perfume and creams.

Store your jewellery in a cool, dark and dry place, preferably in a soft lined box or in a pouch away from other jewellery to avoid rubbing or scratching. 

Precious metal jewellery will naturally tarnish over time but you can delay oxidation by following the guidelines above. If you notice silver turning grey, use a gentle polishing cloth to restore it.